Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Adopting electric vehicles helps the environment and the economy.

Electric vehicles have many advantages, such as energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, great performance, and reduced fossil fuel dependence.

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Improve the overall air qualityglobal-alternative-energy-solutions-electric-car-fleet-management
  • Plug-in for $4 a charge vs. fill up for $40 a tank
  • Lower fuel consumption expense for fleets
  • Help to create a demand for jobs within the clean energy industry
  • Our fleet vehicle has a range of approximately 180 miles, seats 5, and charges in just 40 minutes

Building charging stations drives consumer adoption of electric vehicles.

With examples from governments and strong environmental policy for energy-saving electric vehicles and EV charging stations, we can drive mass-market consumer adoption of green technologies that will dramatically improve our environment.

  • global-alternative-energy-solutions-electric-vehicle-charging-stationsAs municipalities and businesses build more charging stations, consumers will feel more comfortable buying electric cars
  • Job creation in the automotive industry
  • Charging stations are a powerful public relations and marketing tool for businesses
  • Provide psychological security for EV drivers
  • Help to create a paradigm shift for the consumers in the municipality

Global Alternative Energy Solutions is proud to introduce technology that supports the overall energy health of businesses and municipalities.

We are an alternative energy company offering cutting-edge services that keep up with our customers’ current and future demands. Our services provide green solutions for transportation and energy use and management, including electric vehicles, energy storage systems, LED lighting, and more.
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